Creative Solutions on How to Pack China When Moving

how to pack china

Have you decided to move from your current home to a new abode? Our moving companies surfside beach sc can help Choosing a new home can be an exciting new adventure, but one decision tends to throw a wrench in the gears — how to pack china correctly.

While selling china that you last used in years may sound like a great idea at first, it may give you a different pleasure than anticipated during your manifest shipping. That being said, there are some creative ways to pack China that won’t make your moving day go south.

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Use High-Quality Packing Materials

Fragile dishes and delicate china require extra protection and investing in sturdy cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape is essential. Low-quality materials may tear or break during the move, leaving your china vulnerable to damage.

Use enough packing materials to ensure that each piece is adequately wrapped and cushioned.

Wrap Each Piece Separately

Start by wrapping each item in packing paper to prevent scratches or chips, and then wrap it again in bubble wrap for added protection. By wrapping each piece individually, you can minimize the risk of damage caused by items rubbing against each other.

Wrapping each piece can make it easier to unpack and store your china in your new home, as you can take one item out at a time without disturbing the others.

Use Dividers

To pack dishes for moving, separate them from each other to avoid contact and friction. Cardboard or foam dividers can create individual compartments for each word, preventing them from moving around in the box during the move. Using walls, you can also optimize space in the box and fit more items while ensuring they remain protected. 

Pack Plates Vertically

By standing plates on their edge, they are less likely to slide and bump into each other. When packing dishes, it’s essential to place a foam divider between each plate to prevent them from rubbing together. Packing plates vertically can help optimize space in the box and avoid over-packing.

Fill Empty Spaces

To prevent your china from shifting during the move, fill any empty spaces in the box with packing paper or foam peanuts. It will also provide extra cushioning for your china.

Label the Boxes

Labeling the boxes containing your china as “Fragile” and “This Side Up” can help ensure that the movers handle the boxes with care. By marking the boxes as fragile, you can alert the movers to be extra cautious and avoid any rough handling or tossing of the packages. Labeling the pack “This Side Up” can help ensure that the box is handled correctly during transportation, reducing the risk of damage.

Transport China With Movers

When hiring movers, choosing a reputable and experienced company with a good track record for handling delicate items like china is essential. Before the move, please inform the movers about your china and tell them about any fragile or valuable items. Check here to find the right mover to transport your china.

Know How to Pack China

When packing fine china when moving, it’s essential to get creative! Tips and ideas on how to pack china provide a crucial foundation for protection during transport. You can reduce the risk of breakage with a few simple steps and a creative approach.

Remember to research specific methods when moving fragile items before you pack.

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