Clever Ways To Organize Bathroom Cabinets


Your bathroom cabinets are a jumbled mess of toilet paper, cotton balls, medicines, and lotions that seem to spill out onto the counters. Bring some order and efficiency to your bathroom storage with these clever tricks for organizing your cabinets. Whether you have minimal cabinet space or ample room for all your supplies, these innovative ideas will help you keep your bathroom tidy and clutter-free. With a well-organized bathroom cabinet, finding what you need will be quick and easy every time. Say goodbye to disorganized drawers and hello to a sparkling clean bathroom space. 

Get Rolling With Pull-Out Drawers

Bathroom cabinets often come with fixed shelves that can be difficult to use efficiently. Convert some of the shelf space into pull-out drawers for easy access to items in the back. Pull-out drawers are ideal for organizing smaller items like makeup, skincare products, medications, and dental care supplies. Look for drawers that can withstand humidity and provide ventilation for contents. With different-sized drawers, you can designate spaces for categories of items. Label each drawer to make it easy to put things back in their place.

Use Vertical Space For Tall Cabinets

If you have tall bathroom cabinets, utilize the vertical space for items you do not need frequent access to. Upper areas are great for extra towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, first aid kids, and other items used occasionally. Install shelves, racks, or recessed cabinets at varying heights to make better use of the space. Clearly label boxes or baskets on each shelf to group categories of items together.

Install Multi-Level Shelving

For standard bathroom cabinets, adjustable multi-level shelving is a simple solution to increase storage space. Install shelving at different heights to provide storage for items of different sizes. Place smaller items like makeup and medication on higher shelves. Reserve lower shelves for larger supplies like shampoo bottles, lotions, or cleaning products. Measure your cabinet interior and shelf sizes to ensure items will fit properly on each shelf.

Make A Dedicated Medicine Cabinet

Designate one bathroom cabinet specifically as a medicine cabinet to store all your medications, bandages, and first aid supplies in one place. Remove or replace one cabinet door with a mirror door for easy access. Inside the cabinet, install adjustable shelving to organize different types of medications and supplies. This can help ensure medications are kept out of reach of children and properly stored in a cool environment.

Use Magnet Boards For Metal Cabinets

If you have metal Anaheim bathroom cabinets, magnetic boards are useful for keeping small items handy but organized. Mount a magnetic board on the back of a cabinet door to hold loose items like bobby pins, safety pins, tweezers, nail clippers, and hair pins. The board keeps items off countertops and secure in one place, while the magnets keep the board firmly attached inside the metal cabinet.

Install Pull-Out Trays Under Sinks

The space under a bathroom sink is often wasted due to poor access. Make use of this space by installing pull-out trays or caddies that slide smoothly on tracks. Trays can hold items you use daily like hand soap, lotion, toothpaste, cotton balls, and cleaning supplies. Look for trays made of moisture-resistant and rust-proof materials. Link together two or more trays for each section under your sink cabinets.

Add Over-the-Cabinet Shelving

If you need just a bit more storage space in a small bathroom, over-the-cabinet shelving provides extra space without taking up valuable floor space. Sturdy shelving units mount directly over bathroom cabinet tops. They provide an ideal space for items used occasionally like extra towels, candles, lotions, or baskets holding petite items. Look for shelving made of bamboo, metal, or other durable and water-resistant materials suitable for a damp environment.