Areola Restoration – How Areola Restoration Can Help Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast Cancer Survivors

A woman’s self-esteem can be significantly affected by the appearance of her breasts. That is why many women undergo breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy.

After these surgeries, women often face a scarred areola that can make them feel incomplete. That is why permanent medical makeup like 3D areola restoration is an excellent option for these women to restore their confidence and regain a more natural-looking nipple.

Boosts Self-Esteem

A missing or scarred areola can be a devastating psychological blow. Women who have undergone a mastectomy may feel like they don’t look “complete” without their areola, and men can also suffer from lowered self-esteem due to the appearance of their chest and breasts.

After breast reconstruction, areola restoration treatments from Laguna Med Spa can recreate an areola, reduce the visibility of scars, and restore a more natural-looking form and color. The terms “areola tattooing,” “areola micro pigmentation,” “areola pigmentation,” “recoloring,” and “areola restoration” are frequently used to describe these operations.

Areola restoration is an innovative treatment that helps cancer survivors regain their confidence and feel comfortable in their bodies after surgery. It’s a less invasive alternative to breast reconstruction, allowing women to construct the body they want.

Relieves Stress

Areola Restoration is a cosmetic surgery that duplicates your areola’s size, shape, and color to create a more natural-looking breast. The process is usually performed following a mastectomy and involves skin grafting from another part of your body.

It is an excellent option for breast cancer survivors who want to look as good as possible after a mastectomy. It’s a safe and effective procedure to help you feel more confident. The process can be done on an outpatient basis and is covered by insurance if you’re eligible. 

Increases Confidence

Creating a new nipple and areola can give breast cancer survivors a sense of completeness during their recovery process. It can help patients feel better about themselves and boost their confidence.

Nipple and areola repigmentation is a permanent cosmetic procedure that uses pigments to correct the color, shape, and size of the nipple. It is often performed as a final step after major breast-related surgeries, including breast reduction, mastectomies, and breast reconstruction.

In some cases, breast reconstruction surgery will leave behind a scar on the nipple that will compromise the appearance of the breast. To correct this problem, a medical professional invented a breakthrough technique that harvests areola and nipple tissue from the patient’s body or a donor site, like a mastectomy. It is called a NAC graft and has already helped one woman.

Increases Breast Size

Areola Restoration can increase breast size in breast cancer survivors with mastectomies or breast reduction surgery. This procedure can restore a woman’s confidence in her appearance and improve her self-esteem.

Some women have an enlarged or inverted areola that makes their breasts look disproportionate to their body size. It can be frustrating and can cause women to lose their self-confidence.

During areola reconstruction, surgeons reconstruct the nipple and areola using skin flaps from the breast and surrounding area. These flaps can be cut, folded, and twisted to form a mound of skin resembling a nipple.

Minimizes Scars

After a mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery, many women are left with scars in the nipple area. These marks, called periareolar scars, can affect a woman’s self-esteem. This procedure reduces the areola’s size and re-pigments it to look natural.

Areola repigmentation can be done in either a unilateral or bilateral fashion, depending on the individual’s preference. This technique also provides the final touch for patients who have undergone a breast lift or had removed an areola graft.