5 Things You Should Know About Buying Diamonds

Buying Diamonds

The world record for the most diamonds set in one ring stands at an incredible 24,678 diamonds. If you’re looking for a diamond for your engagement ring, you’ll probably be choosing something a bit simpler but just as amazing.

But what factors should you consider when buying diamonds? This type of precious stone can be expensive, and you’ll want to be sure you’re getting value for money.

While you may be filled with excitement when picking a diamond for your engagement ring, you should take 5 crucial aspects into account to help you make the right choice.

Let’s find out more.

1. Diamond Cut

The first thing people often notice about a diamond is its sparkle, and it’s the cut that provides this gleaming appearance. A master cutter can get the most from a diamond, helping it to reflect light to make it shine brightly. 

If a diamond appears dull, it could be because the cut quality is of a low standard. 

2. Diamond Color

The less color a diamond has, the more it is likely to cost. Although many diamonds may appear colorless to the naked eye, they may actually have light color shades that are hard to identify unless you are a gemologist.

The exception to this rule is the color found in fancy diamonds. These stones can have bright colors such as blue, pink, and green. A fancy diamond that has strong coloration will be more valuable than a lesser-colored one.

For more information, you can read about the diamond color grading scale.

3. Diamond Clarity

The clarity refers to the number of inclusions and blemishes found in a diamond. If there are many faults, this can negatively affect how bright the diamond looks. 

While you can pay substantial sums of money to buy a diamond that has a high clarity grade, this is unnecessary. Many diamonds that have inclusions and blemishes still look clean and can have a sparkling appearance. 

4. Diamond Carat

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. This is important as the heavier a diamond is, the more you can expect to pay.

You can’t judge if one diamond weighs more than another by comparing sizes. This is because diamonds can have different densities which contribute to their overall weight. 

Therefore, you need to ask a seller to confirm how much a diamond weighs.

5. Diamond Certification

A diamond certification can provide you with peace of mind. This certificate can document the qualities of your diamond and make it easier for you to determine its value. This could be useful if you are selling your diamond to upgrade it at a later date. 

Enjoy the Occasion When Buying Diamonds

You should savor the occasion when buying diamonds, and knowing what to look for can make the experience more relaxing. Be sure to ask about a diamond’s cut, and take the time to check that the coloration is acceptable. You can also choose between different weights of diamonds, and select a stone with a good clarity grade. 

Have fun choosing a diamond for your engagement ring!

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