5 Signs of a Failing Marriage

failing marriage

In 2022, about 44.2% of marriages in the US ended up in divorce. That’s a pretty sobering statistic!

Despite the competition and need for attention, many people wish to enter a marriage that lasts their entire lifetimes. Unfortunately, all marriages have to fall apart at some point.

What are the signs of a failing marriage?

If you worry about the health of your marriage, our guide will help spot signs of failure in a marriage. Read on to learn how to prevent or stop divorce before it begins!

1. Communication Breakdown

Signs of a failing marriage can be due to communication breakdowns. If a couple does not talk to each other, it is a red flag that something is wrong.

It could include avoiding emotionally charged conversations or not discussing anything related to the relationship. If communication fails, the marriage may dwindle. It will result in feelings of loneliness and helplessness for both partners.The inability to agree on something so fundamental as communication, and the resulting lack of connection, are sure signs of marriage issues. You can schedule a divorce mediation consultation to help improve communication.

2. Loss of Physical Intimacy

One of the significant signs of marriage problems is the loss of physical intimacy. Common signs of diminishing physical intimacy between married couples include the lack of sexual contact, unwillingness to communicate about needs and desires, or feeling emotionally disconnected during physical intimacy.

Additionally, partners may feel a lack of desire to be intimate or no longer find each other attractive. Loss of physical intimacy can drive couples apart and open the door to other issues within the marriage or may state a relationship that is no longer sustainable.

3. Unsolved Conflicts

Signs of a failing marriage can be due to many aspects, including an increase in unresolved conflicts. Unresolved conflicts, such as persistent arguments and heated disagreements, become more frequent, leading to the marriage deteriorating.

These conflicts often involve both spouses butting heads over simple matters and a lack of respect for one another. As unresolved conflicts pile up, so do feelings of anger, resentment, and apathy toward the relationship.

4. Financial Stress

Financial stress can be a sign of relationship problems, often leading couples to argue over money. In most cases, financial stress is because one or both partners are not managing their finances.

Poor budgeting, lack of communication about spending and financial goals, and excessive debt can lead to conflict. It can become a burden on a marital relationship.

5. Excessive Apathy

Excessive apathy is a serious sign of a failing marriage. Apathy is a lack of enthusiasm, interest, or concern. In a healthy relationship, each partner is engaged, emotionally invested, and motivated, but when one or both partners become apathetic, it can cause significant damage to the marriage.

Apathy is often the result of one or both partners not feeling heard, seen, or appreciated. All marriages need attention and effort, and when apathy sets in, the marriage may already be in trouble.

Follow This Guide to Understand the Signs of a Failing Marriage

A failing marriage often displays physical and emotional signs. If you’re living with any of these signs, seek professional help. 

Make changes in communication and work together to resolve conflicts. It can help create a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. 

Don’t wait; contact a marriage counselor or therapist today. Start building a secure and healthy marriage.

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