5 Secrets that Bookies Don’t Want You to Know


Most sports bettors only know how bookies work or the surface of their responsibilities. They are in charge of the lines; they look at it and create the odds, receive and give you money, and that’s it. Beyond that, most bettors would go their way and enjoy the money they profited from their bets. But with that in mind, have you wondered what secrets lie beyond what bookies let you look at?

Fun, right? Of course, it is, and that’s why we will discuss some secret info that most bookies don’t want you to know in today’s article. These are not very deep insider secrets per se, like trader knowledge, insider secrets, or whatnot, but they are secrets nonetheless, and they would appreciate it for people not knowing about them. But as we all know, rules are made to be broken, so here are some secrets that bookies don’t want you to know.

Accumulators are Huge Money Makers For Them

Have you ever noticed why many bookies encourage people to make accumulator bets? They even have a lot of promotions on them, like an additional 20 or 30% if you win these bets. Some bookies even go as far as 50% more winnings if you win with these bets. There’s a reason, of course, and it’s simple; they make most of their revenues.

The more bets you add to your ticket, the more profit they’ll have. Of course, this is an open secret, but many people don’t know this. This might not be a shocker for you, of course, especially if you’re already a veteran bettor, but if you’re new to sports betting, this might come as news.

Bookies Will Always Profit No Matter What (Mostly)

One of the most common questions bettors often ask is if bookies cheat. The short answer to this is, of course, not. Cheating is bad, not to mention it’s illegal, so they don’t do it. The long answer to this question is that they don’t even have to in the first place. If they want to profit that badly, they can increase the price of each bet. Most bettors lose, meaning that as long as people lose, they can profit hugely. But what about the money line? 

There are only two options for that, so one can say that 50% of the bettors who made a money-line bet will win. This isn’t a problem for bookies since they can also increase the price of the bets. That means that even if 50% of the population wins, they can still have a profit since the amount of profit they earn from the losing side is much more than what they will pay the winners.

It’s Your Responsibility to Check Your Slips

When you place a bet on a land-based bookie, you’ll receive a betting slip. The betting slip contains all of the information you put for your bets. Usually, they will let you review the details before they make the slip, and once the slip is out of the window, there’s nothing you can do to change it. 

This is usually why some bookies pitch while you’re still on the window, so you would be invested in going for more bets, which is what they want. It’s fine, of course, since you can reject their pitches. Some of these promotions are good, but remember that once your slip is out of the window, the slip will be official. If you decide to change your mind, then there’s nothing you can do about what’s inside the slip.

Sports Associations Can’t Seem to Make Their Mind About Sports Betting and Bookies

Sports associations like the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major Baseball League, etc., grudgingly accept that their games will be subjected to betting. Some key figures in these sports associations, like Adam Silver, state that they support legal betting, but the rest seem just to accept the fact. While this decision is based on personal preferences, it’s quite interesting how the stance on legal betting seems to be 50/50 for sports associations.

They Don’t Care If you Win or Lose

Whether it’s MLB games betting odds or NBA odds, bookies, most of the time, only care about getting profit, which is why it seems that they don’t care if you win or not, as long as it’s through legal means. 

Remember, only a few people win their bets every day, and we go home broke for the rest of us. It might sound predatory but remember; they are a business, so they would always care about profits, so it’s perfectly normal. If you’re mad about the legal bookies, just wait until you get scammed by a real illegitimate bookie.

Final Words

You can call these open secrets. While they are not extremely important, they are still secrets that bookies would appreciate not getting spread around bettors. So what are the takeaways from this article for you as a bettor? 

Well, for one, you should avoid parlaying from now on. The payout might look worth it, but if you see the statistics, you’d realize that your odds of winning are close to zero. And perhaps lastly, bookies are businesses, so you shouldn’t be surprised that they aim to profit from sports.