5 Common Errors with Renting Porta Potties and How to Avoid Them

errors with renting porta potties

Getting a porta potty rented and installed can be challenging enough. But do you plan to ensure that the right one’s placed in the right location at the right time?

Not planning could leave you without the sanitation you need – or without the necessary space to accommodate it.

Some common errors with renting porta potties to avoid are listed below.

1. Not Ordering Enough Units

One common error people make when renting porta potties is not ordering enough units for their events. It could lead to long lines and an uncomfortable guest experience.

To avoid this, the event planner should always order an extra potty to prevent potential errors. It’s also wise to research the event size and typical length of events like yours to arrive at an appropriate number of porta potties.

2. Not Reviewing Toilet Companies Credentials

Another error when renting is not taking the time to review the restroom rental company’s credentials. Before selecting a rental company, it is vital to do research and ask questions. For example, find out how long they have been in business and their safety procedures.

Read their online reviews. It would be best to ask about the types of porta potties they provide and the frequency of porta potty maintenance.

When reviewing a company’s credentials, you should ensure they have the correct licensing and training procedures. You can check these toilet rental services for reference. This way, you can prevent any unpleasant surprises along the way.

3. Not Inspecting the Unit Before Renting

A porta potty inspection is essential before renting one. Not inspecting the unit can lead to a variety of different problems. Some of these problems may include the unit not being properly cleaned, the wrong size for your event, or parts of the unit breaking down.

To avoid these issues, inspect the unit before you rent it. Ensure it is clean and has all the necessary parts and pieces. It will ensure that your rental succeeds and everyone has a pleasant experience.

4. Not Understanding the Terms of the Agreement

Not understanding the terms of your agreement can lead to some common errors. For example, when signing the contract, you may accidentally forget to provide essential details, leading to an unexpected fee or penalty. You might also overlook the fine print and be hit with an extra cost to extend your agreement.

You should read the full document and understand the terms and agreements outlined when signing the contract. Doing so can save you from costly mistakes. Also, consider having a lawyer look over the agreement if necessary.

5. Not Considering Placement Options

People often need to remember to consider placement options for optimal comfort and convenience. Not thinking about how people will access a porta-potty can lead to common issues such as being uncomfortable using them or the units not being visible in time.

To avoid these issues, it is crucial to consider the porta potty placement when renting one. Placing a unit near where people likely need it is the best option. It is always essential to keep safety in mind.

Avoid Common Errors With Renting Porta Potties

Having porta potties on your site is a great convenience but can be problematic. Thankfully, following the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to avoid common errors with renting porta potties and have a safe, compliant rental experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact your rental provider today to discuss your options!

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