5 Amazing Ideas for Indian Wedding Decoration in the USA

Wedding Decoration

If your big day is approaching, then it is pretty easy to assume that you are already feeling excited. However, if you are stuck in a situation where you still do not know how to prepare for it, then there is no need to worry. 

You can now prepare for your best day regardless of your tight budget and decor-savvy mind. Wondering how? Well, then here are a few best ideas for Indian weddings listed below. 

1: Plan the Entry Door

When aiming to make your venue as beautiful as possible along with maintaining the authentic Indian look, the first thing to look into is the venue gates. The entrance should keep up with the day because the guests would enter and exit through it. Also, the entrance gate leaves an impression on the minds of the guests. 

For instance, you can count on wedding planners to create a curtain of flowers. Consider flowers like lilies, jasmine, or others. Besides the entrance gate, remember to cover the balcony railings as well as the windows. 

2: Use Colorful Drapes

Fabric curtains are one of the common interior decorating ideas which can be employed. These can reach the gates across the roof. If your venue has a single or a double staircase, then you can use lavish drapes that are tasteful in hues. 

Depending on the wall color of the venue, you can use drapes of different colors that contrast easily. You can even seek assistance from a reputed wedding event center or simply rely on the internet to find unique trends. 

3: Design a Rangoli

Another undervalued, yet best idea that you can use to make your wedding decoration top-notch is designing a rangoli. You can create vibrant Rangoli using colored rice and sand- it gives the most authentic look.  

This can be made in the center of the venue or at the entrance. For this purpose, you can use chalk pieces to create a beautiful design on the floor and then fill it with colors or border it with flower petals. If the wedding is at night time, then you can even use candles or Diyas around for some enhanced visual appeal.

4: Design a Stunning Backdrop

If your budget is not much, then the greatest option for ceremony backgrounds is using flowers. But if your venue is in open ground, then nature itself is the best option to choose. Additionally, you can create a frame for your perfect wedding vow, and exchange photos with candles, foliage, flowers, branches, etc. 

Make sure to match it with your theme if you have any. Or you can simply use colors that contrast with your wedding outfit. Furthermore, you can get a stunning backdrop printed with your photos or your name on it. 

5: Consider Lighting

Without an abundance of light, your wedding may not look as grandeur as you want it to. The lighting can range from a single bulb to a string of lights that you can use to create an actual ambiance. 

If the venue has trees, then you can cover them using various light fixtures. To be precise, some of these include fairy lights, hanging votives, lanterns, and more. In order to create a whimsical look, you can also hang filled beer bottles or lighting jars as well.