At the end of a long-life people regret not trying new things. They wish they could go back in time and do the things they always wanted to do. Then why are you sitting in your room and scrolling down the web? Pack your bags and go on a self-discovering journey. If you love adventure, go on hiking. The possibilities are endless. In this article, you will know about 15 things you must do before you die.

LEARN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE: Yes, you love your homeland and your mother tongue, but try learning a foreign language as a hobby. It is always exciting to learn new things. Maybe after trying to learn a new language, you will get more interested in the culture of that region of the world too.

VOLUNTEER AT ANIMAL RESCUE ORGANISATION: If you love animals, volunteer to help nearby organizations rescue animals. Anyone can buy a pet of different breeds, but people should also care about the stray animals and animals living in the wildlife being hunted by maniacs. Save those animals by becoming a volunteer.

VOLUNTEER AT AN ORPHANAGE: If you love children, visit a nearby orphanage and help them. You can play with them, feed them, talk with them, and help the orphanage financially by donating money.

GO HIKING: You love thrill and adventure. Right? Pack your bag with some necessary items, take a leave from your office for a few days, and find a good hiking spot. When you turn old, you cannot do hiking; therefore, it is better to do things when you are young enough.

UNDERWATER DIVING: Almost everyone dreams about seeing the underwater view. Use the internet and find a place because there are many underwater diving tourist spots worldwide.

FLYBOARDING JETPACK FLIGHT: Flyboarding is a very adventurous sport where your feet will be slipped into a pair of boots attached to a board which looks like a snowboard. A tube will be attached to your feet from where water is being pushed out with a massive pressure, which helps a person fly 10 to 20 feet up in the sky.

FLY IN A HELICOPTER: Forget visiting a place by plane; instead, go to tourist spots where helicopters can be hired for a wonderful sightseeing ride.

DONATE YOUR ORGANS: You can donate your organs if you want to help those in need. Donating an organ will save the life of an individual. Donate to this organ and tissue donation charity.

DONATE BLOOD: Every year, thousands of people die from excessive blood loss or blood cancer; that’s why blood donation campaigns are held. You can donate your blood which might save someone’s life.

VISIT HAWAII: You have probably visited the beaches you like, but you must visit Hawaii. The environment is so good, and the view you will get from sightseeing will be wonderful.

ATTEND A CONCERT: Haven’t you seen your favorite artist live yet? Book the tickets whenever they visit your city for their next live show. These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and you must see the live performance of your favorite artist before you die.

OPERA AT THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE: It is one of the most recognized and admired buildings in the world. When you visit Australia, you must see the Sydney Opera House. There is beauty in every angle, and stepping inside the building, you can experience a wonderful evening of listening to opera.

VISIT WATERFALLS: It is one of the most wonderful experiences a person can ever have. Seeing a waterfall makes you believe how small you are in size by comparing yourself to a waterfall. The view of a waterfall is very beautiful and majestic.

GO SKY DIVING: Skydiving is considered the most adventurous sport one can ever do. The experience cannot be explained with mere words. The fun of jumping from an aeroplane, helicopter, or hot air balloon and landing safely on the ground using a parachute is filled with thrill. It will also make you cool in your friends group.

CONTACT AN OLD TEACHER: Do you remember that teacher who helped you learn new things and made education fun? Contact them and tell them how grateful you are towards them. They will feel delighted and joyous after listening to you. Tell them how much of an established person you have become because of them.