10 Ways To Became A Verified User On Instagram

Verified User On Instagram

The procedure of getting a ‘blue tick’ symbol on your Instagram’s account is just as difficult as achieving another milestone in today’s world. It notifies other users that an account actually belongs to the particular user, artist, brand, or organization it represents. The purpose of these badges are designed to signify that the site has verified the account and proved its trustworthiness, or at least they are who they claim they are, just like with Twitter, Facebook, and Tinder. This blue badge makes the account distinct, gives off an air of authority and is simple to notice in search results and on profiles. 

However, verification badges are probably commonplace since it has become more common. Nowadays, users with more followers, likes, and viewers have a better chance of becoming influencers with authentic badges. As you move forward with your wish to establish the verification of your brand, we’ve gone ahead and combined all the finest practices that will increase your chances of being confirmed.

1. Avoid attempting to purchase an Instagram verification badge.

You do not need to use any unreliable third-party app or account that promises “100% refunds” and for any arbitrary account that texts you asking to buy your badge as they don’t need it anymore. All you have to do is ignore them without falling into their trap! 

You need to keep a check for Instagram scammers who are good at making themselves seem legitimate since they know how strongly people and businesses feel about the blue badge. And keep in mind that Instagram will never approach you or ask for cash.

2. Check for fake accounts or fan pages

Have you ever known that you must be happy if someone is copying you? Stay clear, we are here to clarify that how if someone copies, you can be an advantage! You must realize that if you have found a user dealing with recurring fake, unapproved, or fan accounts mimicking your brand, you must know that you are getting more attention. As a result, you are a strong candidate for getting verified on Instagram. After all, this will bring you close to getting the verification badge and help you to separate your accounts from bogus ones. 

Meanwhile, the results of your yearly social media audit should be able to tell you whether fake accounts are a problem for you. Although using a social media monitoring tool can help you to keep an eye on for recording these accounts. 

3. Get more real followers

You need a good number of Instagram likes, followers and views to maintain a reputable account. You also need engaging followers on Instagram to expand your brand, increase leads, and increase sales. But it’s not as simple as you saw on the page of these famous influencers or stars or celebs. It is very easy to see the growth and to gain thousands of Instagram followers, but in reality, the journey is not that buttery! 

So, you need actual, sincere fans who are invested in your brand. They share your ideals, and your solutions address their issues but please remember to avoid trying to purchase Instagram followers as a quick fix. 

4. Remove any platform-specific links from your bio.

Instagram insists that verified accounts cannot have so-called “add me” links to other social media services in their Instagram profiles, which some may see as a rather petty move. The links to your YouTube or Twitter account are obviously inappropriate, but you can include all the links to your website, landing pages, or other internet domains. 

However, if your Facebook profile has a blue badge, but your Instagram account does not then Instagram expressly advises you to connect to your Instagram account from your Facebook page in order to help establish your validity.

5. Rank highly in searches

Achieving success on the Instagram Explore page can significantly impact your engagement and follower count. Social media is all about accidental, organic discovery. But, when it comes to verification, Instagram is curious whether consumers are interested in you to enough to interrupt the fascination of the feed and hastily put your name into the search bar.

Although Instagram doesn’t offer metrics on this data, we bet the verification team has access to it and will monitor how frequently users look for you. 

6. Apply if your name is mentioned in the media

Being well-known and frequently ‘searched for’ is one of the essential conditions for Instagram verification. This indicates that you need to be more active on the PR front and work to build your brand organically. 

It could be harder to demonstrate how “notable” you are if PR hasn’t been a focus for your brand up to this point. In particular, there is nowhere to provide your proof! So, it’s your responsibility to ensure your news is prominently displayed and difficult to ignore because Instagram conducts its own research.

7. Work with a publicist or agency

If you have the resources and the desire, hire a reputable digital agency with access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support capabilities. Then your agency can submit requests to consolidate accounts, claim usernames, and verify accounts using their industry-specific portal. However, a request made through the ‘Media Partner Help’ page comes with greater weight and sets you apart from the competition. 

So, join up with a public relations specialist, agency, or even a journalist who can aid in spreading the word about you. Additionally, some agencies have access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support capabilities, where they may submit requests and have accounts verified online. 

8. Be honest

Although the repercussions are severe, we are compelled to emphasize this advice even though it should go without saying. You must always provide the honesty and trustworthiness on your account for it to be confirmed. You need to keep your true name. Meanwhile, Instagram warns that if you lie about anything in your application, it may reject your request and destroy your account. 

9. Make sure your bio and profile are effective and comprehensive

The standards set by Instagram for verification are modest. The bio must be kept effective, interesting and eye catching. As a result,  optimizing your Instagram bio can continue to pay off in the form of more conversions and followers, as well as to make a favourable impression on the verification team when they visit your profile.

10. Expense Must Be Significant

Your Instagram account must represent a well-known person or brand to be verified. It must frequently appear in news sources or be highly searched for. Promoting or buying content is not acceptable for account reviews on Instagram. 

In addition to the aforementioned conditions, you must abide by Instagram’s Terms of Service and the platform’s Community Guidelines. This suggests that if you have previously been banned for breaking these guidelines, it is unlikely that your verified profile will be approved.


By increasing your exposure on the network, having a verified Instagram account creates even more potential for your business to develop. So, everything you need to know about Instagram verification, including the advantages of having the blue checkmark and how to obtain it, is covered in this post.